Article Four : Classcraft makes the classroom a giant role-playing game

CRAWLEY Dan, Classcraft makes the classroom a giant role-playing game – with freemium pricing, Venturebeat, may 31, 2014.
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Dan Crawle, writer and teacher who plays and writes about video games for the Venturebeat website, has written about the usage of Classcraft at school in may 2014.

Classcraft was created by Shawn Young, a physics teacher who wanted a better involvement for his classes. Students can be warriors, mages, healers, and they have quests, golds, experience, skills…
In 2014, « over 7.000 kids in more than 25 countries » use Classcraft, writes Dan Crawle. It was free since the fall of 2014 but Shawn Young want to modify to a free to play model like we can see in mobile apps and some video games. In the free to play version, students can buy skins and new pets with real money. There is also a paid version of Classcraft (20 dollars for the teacher, and 1 dollar by student), in which the teacher can give golds to students for add-on models or pets.

In Classcraft’s system, students get experience points for good work and collaboration, but they receive hit damage when lack focus or misbehave. This system encourage students to help each-other and to be creative with their power. Shawn Young gives an exemple : « There’s one power, Teleport, where you can leave the class for 2 minutes. So they’ll stack that and leave for 10 minutes. That kind of annoying, but at the same time it’s part of the game ».

I think I’ll try this sort of gamification with my class in the next few years, at school. It’s a sort of real RPG, I believe it could help student to improve their social skills like theatre does. But the free to play system is not what I want for school. Why students easy financially have a boost of gear because of their social class. Public school has to offer the same luck for all students. It’s a prerequisite for a good democracy.





Vocabulary :
gear : équipement
pet : animaux de compagnie
goofy : toqué
misbehave : mauvais comportement
RPG / Role playing game : jeu (vidéo) de rôle
Rewards : récompenses
offer : proposer / offrir
incentives : incitations
wary : prudent
apathetic : indifférent